Carldric Millender

Carl Millender born in Shreveport, Louisiana on March 5, 1970 is an amazing individual and is best known as a child of God. He has devoted most of his life to helping others both in his private life and his professional life. Even though these efforts go back much further in his life it was formally acknowledged when he spent the summer after his high school graduation as a foreign missionary in South America in the countries of Paraguay and Brazil. The few years of his life he prepared himself for greatness as a student he earned his bachelors from both Xavier and southern University of Louisiana and soon began his professional career as a pioneer in the film and television industry. In 1990 Carl Millender became a cultural consultant for NBC’s new programs, including “The Fresh Prince of Bel-air”, “Seinfeld”, “Ferris Bueller”, the very first Danielle Steele TV Movie “Changes” and “Decoration Day” which starred James Garner, Bill Cobbs and Lawrence Fishburne. Having obtained the high caliber knowledge of network production with NBC, he later expanded and found himself adding to his industry skills at Rogers and Cowan PR. There he worked as a Junior Publicist/Intern with top clients such as Quincy Jones Qwest Records and Prince’s Paisley Park Records. In the mid 90′s Carl Millender took a break from film to explore the business side of the corporate world during that time he was a business consultant at Ernst and Young in a special Division called the Accelerated Solutions Environment there he consulted for the highest executives of Coke, Wal-Mart, and Cox Communications. In the late 90′s he started his a chain of successful health food and wellness stores called “The Herb Shop.” Here he began to teach others about natural health and counseled hundreds of people to build themselves both spiritually and physically. In 2006 he and his wife Shelia published the first version of “The Rainbow Diet: What God Says vs What Man Says about your health?

In 1999 Carl Millender produced the documentary “Prepare for Y2K” a project which he talked about the weaknesses in the banking and business world that would soon topple the economy. This productions success renewed his interest in film and in 2001 he launched Starmaxx Media, a multimedia production company. It was only then that he was fully equipped to fulfill his dreams and make movies.

Since then he has produced several features: “Rejectors of the Blood of Christ” (2003) which won Best Feature in the 2004 Independent Black Film Festival, “Positive” (2005) and “The Family Curse” (2004). Most recently he has directed art on “Lynch Mob” (2007),The Good Ole Days,”  “At Mamu’s Feet” (2014), Freedom Ain’t Free 92017),  Last Night A DJ Saved my Life (2018)  Masters (2018), Charlie’s Christmas Wish (2018).

In 2007 Carl Millender partnered with Henderson Maddox of the Atlanta Dream Team Productions and todate has produced and directed photography in 46 music videos for some of the new and elite talent in the Atlanta music industry. Carl Millender is now a contracted TV writer/producer for Bop TV and Turner Broadcasting. He was  the senior producer of the national TV series “Atlanta Homicide” and the web series “Clairvoyance .”

In 2006 Carl Millender began dedicating his extra time to what he terms the I’m possible mission. Traveling around the world with educational advocate and change agent Mr. Keith L. Brown. Together they inspire youth,  teachers and parents around the world to value education and relationships and to do better in life by believing that they are I’m possible people.

Since 2005 Mr Millender and his wife have been children’s ministers for the Landmark Christian church in Norcross.  Together they have an outreach for children and a home outreach for struggling families. In January of 2017 Carl he was awarded the Presidents lifetime Achievement award which is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a civilian.

Carl is a green energy advocate and promotes the use of Ethanol and building fuel production facilities around the world., Currently Carl is the national Marketing Director for Paladin Wireless a high speed internet provider.

Carldric Millender Inc. comprised of these divisions

Starmaxx Media – a communication and multi media company

CMI Janitorial Services

Star Movers – a small to medium load moving company

Carl Millender Properties – a home rehab and rental company